Solid Afro, Liquid Beats

A while ago I dedicated a post to a band called 昆虫キッズ (Insect Kids).I also mentioned that their bassplayer Nomoto Natsuyo plays in another band called Solid Afro.

Solid Afro play lo-fi underground pop mixed with dub filled with simple hooks and arpeggios. They don't seem to take themselves or their music too seriously. Just four friends jamming and making music as a hobby like a lot of bands in Tokyo's massive underground scene.

Anyhow, I came across a PV by them and the song is incredibly chill, catchy and funky. Plus Nomoto-chan looks incredibly adorable in her hoodie, Thrasher 'zine trucker hat, Crypt City tee and overalls. Especially when goofing around playing air guitar with an umbrella @ 2:43. The song's called ORIORIORI-YO!!! which seems to be a clever combination of 俺の(ore no) and 色々 (iro iro) backwards since the song involves her listing a variety of things and places she'd love to introduce to her soulmate.

Here they are playing live: