NMFT vol 5 update

Unfortunately, 赤い公園 can no longer come to Canada in October. Akai Koen was the main band I wanted to bring back for the next tour and their absence throws a huge monkey wrench into the program. I found out the news 2 weeks ago and have been looking for an adequate replacement. There are a number of bands that would be happy to play but in the end I have to be satisfied with the final line-up. Each tour I lose an average of $35,000, so I'm not in a big rush to throw away that kind of money on a tour with a line-up I'm only lukewarm about.

Right now I'm waiting on きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku). Unfortunately, the Oct 15-25 schedule conflicts with gigs they're already committed to. We're trying to work on an alternate schedule but that might screw things up for the other bands (primarily Mariko Goto). Things aren't looking too good and the smart thing may be to just cancel October and concentrate on making a tour in May 2013 the best NMFT yet. NMFT5 in October hasn't been cancelled yet but most likely I may have to. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why kinoko teikoku? Next to Akai Koen I'd say they're the most promising young band I've come across in the last two years. Their music is undeniably shoegaze but kinoko teikoku's music is so much more powerful than 99.9% of shoegaze bands. For one, vocalist Sato has a hauntingly beautiful voice that sends shivers down your spine. Most shoegaze bands have (often intentionally) uninspired, aloof, forgettable vocals. Despite their young age kinoko teikoku have an incredibly earnest and mature sound... BUT they also have the capacity to rock out with ear-piercingly loud, powerful instrumental 'freak-outs' that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear. The perfect combination of beauty, grace and raw power. If they can't come this year, I'l likely bring them next year and if you like good music you'll be glad I did.