July/Aug trip day 3

Spent the day with Kubota planning how we're going to salvage NMFT vol 4 in October.(note: Akai Koen and sgt won't be able to participate anymore. And I've only seen Mariko Goto's band play live once during their debut at O-east and still need reassurance her band's right for the tour.)

Afterwards we headed to Yebisu Beer Museum in Ebisu Garden Place. Unfortunately it was closed so we couldn't get our drink on sampling and resampling varieties of beer. We ended up having a romantic lunch together at an upscale Italian fusion restaurant at Ebisu Garden Place. ノー!ホーモー! (We're keeping this dinner date a secret from Kubota's wife Midori. hahaha.)

At night I was planning on going to a show at Shimokitazawa ERA with a bunch of shoegaze/emo/post-rock bands. 指先ノハク



and four other bands.

But then I got a text from Lana asking me to come out to dinner with her and Charlotte (Merpeoples). Hmmm... spend the night watching seven Zankyo-esque shoegaze/post-rock bands that all sort of sound the same or have a nice dinner with two gorgeous and fun girls. Verdict: sayonara seven shoegaze post-rock bands. こんにちは Lana and Charlotte!

Kubota and Midori joined us and Imai of group_inou almost came out too but he had just come back from gigging in Hokkaido and was dead tired. We were planning on going to Toriki but it was closed so we chilled at tometeba instead.

As I write this, it's day 4 and Yukako (チーナ), Charlotte (Merpeoples), Ikuko (Merpeoples), Kubota and I are going to watch Kinoko Teikoku tonight at Daikanyama UNIT.