A Week in Japan Oct 2-9, 2012

I'm still bummed I couldn't make it to Eternal Rock City last month. Luckily the vice prez of NMFT operations, Geoff, did go and will write a review of Ero Fes. That and another show with hyacca, tacobonds and MIR. Hopefully Geoff didn't get too wasted drinking with Ian and has some recollection of the shows he attended. ;)

Although I couldn't make it to Ero Fes, I am in Tokyo right now! Unfortunately there's a paucity of kickass shows but some decent ones I plan to check out include:

Oct 3: harafromhell @ Shibuya LUSH Oct 4: THE★米騒動 vs HINTO @ Shimokita SHELTER Oct 5: Kinoko Teikoku / urban feti / + secret special guest band @ Shinjuku WILD SIDE Oct 5: WOZNIAK / Outatbero / Loulowningen @ Shibuya O-nest Oct 5: otori / triplefire @ Shinjuku MOTION Oct 7: hyacca @ Nagoya K.D ハポン

Oct 5 is especially tough since Kinoko Teikoku, wozniak and otori are three bands I've considered bringing to Canada via NMFT and they're playing at 3 separate venues.

If anyone knows and great up&coming bands who are playing in Japan this week. Throw some recommendations at me in the comment box!