Wiping the floor with Godzilla: En Masse attacks Tokyo Nov 13-15

If you enjoy art especially that which is exceedingly fresh, spontaneous and masterfully drawn by a number of people heavily influenced by comics, hip hop and DIY/underground culture... then EN MASSE is right up your alley. A lot of you may remember that EN MASSE is a collective of artists based out of Montreal who paint HUGE black and white murals right on the spot.... freeform... like a network of elite jazz musicians meeting for a jam session.

They painted a fantastic mural while the bands performed at Divan Orange during NMFT vol 3.

EN MASSE will be in Japan this month with an exhibit at Design Festa in Harajuku, Tokyo.

en masse in Tokyo

If you're in Tokyo or have friends in Japan that might enjoy this exhibit, let them know!!

Have a blast in Japan!! to Rupert, Kim and the rest of the En Massive