My December Schedule (暫定)

It's only been a month but I'm back in Japan with the primary goal of sorting out the roster for NMFT5.Unfortunately the Japanese indie music scene isn't as strong as it was just 2-3 years ago and there's a paucity of can't-miss shows during my current visit. tricot and jizue played a show in Shiga (near Kyoto) last night but it would have been impossible for me to get there even remotely on-time since my flight landed in Narita at 3:30pm. So I watched harafromhell and Bell Boy at Kichijoji WARP instead. ROVO had a one-man at Daikanyama UNIT that would have been nice to see but I felt I should check out harafromhell since I'm still contemplating whether or not I should bring them out for NMFT5.

The rest of my schedule looks like this:

15 kinoko teikoku / Sebastian X @ Shibuya WWW 16 sgt @ Shimokita ERA 1500-1800h 16 harafromhell @ Shimokita DAISY BAR 1800 17 gekitetsu one-man @ UNIT 18 fuyusuru neko @ Shibuya Club Z Kinoto 19 Kimura kaela / toe @ Liquidroom 20 uri gagarn / kudanz / outatbero 21 goomi / deroppi doroppi @ Shinjuku 9spices 22 Natsumen / BP ? ATATA @ Shibuya o-nest 1830/1900 Y3000/3500 22 Tengu Invaders / H Mountains @ Shimokita REG 23 haisuinonasa @ Shimokita ERA 1800/1830 Y2500/3000 23 Shimokita Fes curated by Love Ningen 24 chiina / salovers / fukurouzu @ Shimokita GARDEN 25 kinoko teikoku / Young Sounds @ Shindaita FEVER (sold out) 26 goomi @ Shinjuku Motion 26 harafromhell @ Shinjuku Red Cloth 27 rin toshite shigure @ Budokan 27 hinto / cinema staff @ La Mama 28 O’valencia @ FEVER 28 kuruucrew @ Shimokita THREE

I'm not sure I'm going to all these shows and I'm hoping some better ones pop up during my stay. It's too bad I have to leave on the 30th since some of the best shows this month occur on the 30th and 31st.

otori's drummer is leaving or already has left the band so I'm not sure what's going on with their shows this month.

Alright I gotta go. Heading to Shibuya to meet with Hirokazu, shop at Zankyo, eat dinner and watch きのこ帝国. Sebastian X and some idol group called BiS are also playing. This will be my first ever show watching an idol group. I feel somewhat tainted. I guess if kinoko go on before BiS we could just leave early. :P

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