NMFT 5 promo vid

Rob Perry created the fantastic promo vid for volume 4 last year.In fact, Rob has been driving up from Baltimore to Toronto each year to film the NMFT tour, help supervise the bands, act as roadie, and occasionally lend us his drum kit. He tagged along with us for the entire tour: Toronto, Montreal


Vancouver last year and you can check out the footage he documented on his page on vimeo.

He's an extremely busy guy but still managed to take the time to create a trailer for NMFT 5 (and he did it for free!)

Show some love for Rob by giving his vid the thumbs up and buy him a beer if you see him at the Toronto shows in May. And please help us promote the tour by spreading the promo vid on Facebook, twitter, and anywhere people who might be interested in the tour might lurk.

Thanks in advance! and props to Rob for another great promo vid!!

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