Hikashu invade Toronto, Ottawa & Quebec!

Hikashu Hikashu are a legendary prog/avant-pop band fronted by Koichi Makigami. They've been around since 1978 (35 years!!) and were influential in the 80s as part of the new wave boom in Japan. Although they achieved mainstream success as a 'new wave pop' band and signed with major label EMI Records, since inception they have always pushed the boundaries of music with new ideas and sounds. Have a peek here for their official biography in English.

I had the chance to see them at last year's Fuji Rock Festival. Hikashu are good friends with チャラン・ポ・ランタン (Charan-Po-Rantan) and Charan-Po-Rantan have performed on stage as support singers for Hikashu... numerous times... including at Fuji Rock. Here they are together during a show at Daikanyama Unit:

note: Momo and Koharu don't appear until the 4:21 mark.

So if you like the quirkiness of Charan-Po-Rantan, the improvisation of Zoobombs and the jaw-dropping musical skill of NATSUMEN then Hikashu might be right up your alley.

Hikashu play in Toronto on May 14 @ the Garrison (1197 Dundas St W) WHAT?!! That's just three days before NMFT5 show #1 at the Rivoli (May 17)!!!! I am going to be ridiculously busy prepping for our own tour & doing interviews but I am going to do my best to make it to the Garrison on the 14th. Online tickets to NMFT5 (May 17) have all sold out! (Thank you guys!!!!) So I'll try to bring a few printed tickets from my own limited stash to sell (maybe give a few away) at the Hikashu show.

Hikashu are a great band! If you only have time and money for one show in May... see NMFT 5 on the weekend! If you only have time and money for two shows... see both NMFT5 shows on the weekend (Fri & Sat!) If you have time and money for three shows or NMFT5 is already sold out or if you think NMFT is plain bollocks... then GO SEE HIKASHU!!!!!

And hold the press!! Hikashu will also be performing in Ottawa May 15 @ the National Arts Centre and May 17 @ the Festival des Musiques du Création and May 18 @ Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville.

May 14, 2013 - The Garrison, Toronto www.garrisontoronto.com May 15, 2013 - National Arts Centre, AB Series, Ottawa abseries.squarespace.com May 17, 2013 - Festival des Musiques du Création, Jonquière www.sagamie.org May 18, 2013 - Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, Victoriaville fimav.qc.ca