NMFT 5: Toronto @ The Rivoli May 18, 2013

motk GQ The night before was a sold out crowd but this time they let us squeeeeeeeeze in 50 more people for a total of 255. Even the walls were sweating. The Montreal show was fantastic but May 18 @ the Rivoli was the loudest and most memorable night of the tour with a RIDICULOUS amount of crowd surfing. Kinoko Teikoku's 佐藤さん (Sato) performed as the secret opening act under her stage name:








hayashi shiba

audience 5






Yamaguchi Rock Star

me announce This is me announcing the band.

me surf And this is me crowd surfing soon after.

Bryan took a million pics of Tatejima Yoko. But the way she emotes and dances around on stage, I don't blame him. She's photogenic.

Atsuro Tatejima

rock out

tatejima pose

tatejima pose 3

tatejima sing

tatejima sing 2

tatejima sing 4

tatejima sing awesome

tatejima sing 9

group hara





A-chan 3



In Japan it's rare to see Sato smile on stage, but in Toronto she was having the time of her life performing in front of a boisterous, highly energetic crowd.

sato smile

There was non-stop crowd surfing!!

Jess surf 2 This is my friend Jess.

Jess surf Here she is in focus.

This is Josh. This is THE Josh.

Vish crowd surf This is my buddy Vish who actually introduced me to Kinoko Teikoku's music.

crowd surf Random NMFT fan.

crowd surf 2 Random NMFT fan #2.

crowd surf 3 Random NMFT fan #3.

me surf Of course I got involved too! Notice I changed my shirt. Crowd surfing, moshing and jumping/dancing gives you a decent workout!

All these photos are just from Kinoko Teikoku's set and not every crowd surfer got photographed. i.e. This was just the tip of the crowdsurfing iceberg (there was a LOT more!)


mouse on the keys

kawasaki Killer photo courtesy of Larry Yuan.

motk2 The video projection made motk's badass musicianship an even more amazing experience to behold.





Kawasaki 3

makiko My friend & NMFT staff Makiko.

Yoichi crowd surf Yoichi after stagediving.

Josh crowd surf

Josh & Yoichi tandem dive Yoichi & Josh tandem dive and surf.

me surf

me surf 3

me surf 4 The tide was gigantic so it was a pretty lengthy ride.

motk crowd surf Of course motk joined in on the fun.

motk crowd surf 2

And here's the official shot of motk with the audience photographed by my mellow, my man Larry:

motk audience

motk5 Is that Jun Nemoto's thumb or is Kawasaki just happy having played at the Rivoli?

Fans, staff and band members

jess midori Jess, Midori and Andrew (front row).

Yoichi Yoichi!!

Ayaka chi-na Ayaka repping Canada with チーナ.

Makiko chi-na Makiko with チーナ.

Kon-chan Kon-chan (きのこ帝国's drummer)

Ishizuka Isizuka (harafromhell's drummer)

Hayashi Sato Hayashi Eri and Sato帝国 aka kugatsuhascome.

One of the best shows ever in the history of NMFT!