NMFT vol 6 postponed until May 2014

Ideally I'd like to do the tour twice every year (in May and in October) but it would have been too rushed this year.Also in July, Air Canada decreased the number of items that can be checked for free from two to just one!! Each additional lugage/item is $100/flight. This is a HUGE pain in the ass since I'm the one paying all travel costs. For example: 4 bands = ~20 people 1 trip = Tokyo --> Toronto --> Montreal --> Vancouver --> Tokyo (4 flights)

Each person brings at least 2 items (usually 1 luggage and 1 instrument), therefore I'll have to pay at least $100 per person for each single flight:

20 people x 4 flights x $100/flight = $8000 !!!!! The tour was already costing me roughly $40,000 and now all of a sudden it jumped up an additional $8000... just for the luggage. To put things in perspective, even with all the shows selling out I only make $9,000 from ticket sales. Which means with all the money I make from ticket sales, it's barely enough to cover this new luggage surcharge.

I'm going to try to contact Air Canada about cutting me some slack but up until now they've always given me the run-around where I ending up emailing a half-dozen people who each say I should could contact someone else.

I might have to double the ticket prices if Air Canada doesn't budge on the luggage surcharge and that's just so I can maintain my losses at $40,000 per tour instead of $48,000.

note: sometimes, we take a bus from Toronto to Montreal so instead of $8000, it'll just be an extra $6000 (plus the cost of bus tickets).

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