DIY, fan-driven and interactive!!

One of the aspects of the tour I've underemphasized is that it is "do it yourself", communal and very interactive.It is DIY in the sense that I realized that a tour like this (multiple Japanese bands coming to Canada) would never happen on its own, so I decided to get off my ass and organize/fund it myself without any corporate sponsorship. I'm just a regular person. I don't play in a band and I was never a promoter until now. And I intend to keep the promoter gig strictly as a hobby. I love Japanese indie music and I want people in Canada to experience firsthand some of the great music coming out of Japan. That's all.

The tour is also communal in that I will be relying on fans and volunteers to help in any way they can. There are no record labels or sponsors backing this tour. So simply spreading the word to let people (esp those living in or near Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) will go a long way to helping us promote the tour. Also right now it's just me babysitting 5 bands with 18 members having to transport them and all their gear to and from the airport and venues (yikes!) by myself. The bands (and especially me!) would appreciate any volunteers who could help with local transportation, offer billeting (a place to crash) or help take the bands sightseeing. Souhei of andymori says he'd love to go fishing while in Vancouver. (I'm serious!). By default we'll take bus/cabs to get around and stay at hostels/cheap hotels but if you can offer a helping hand it will be geatly appreciated since the bands can't afford much on their own.
Interactive!!! Yes, this tour will be interactive in many ways. First of all, as mentioned this tour is every bit as much yours as it is the bands' b/c we're hoping fans and volunteers will help us promote the tour and help us within the 3 tour stops. During the show, when the bands aren't on stage they'll be in the audience cheering, dancing, crowd surfing the other Tokyo bands on. They're not going to be jaded rock stars that sit around in a greenroom, you'll be able to meet and talk with them throughout most of the night. At the end of each show, I will try and organize an uchiage (Japanese for "after party") where fans will be welcome to eat and drink with the bands. This will be very easy for the Vancouver show which ends early at 11pm. In Toronto and Montreal it might be more difficult but we'll try and make something happen.
This isn't a traditional tour where you're just treated as a spectator. You're welcome to interact and help out in any capacity you can. The bands and I are looking forward to seeing you all at the show. We'll all do our best to make the tour as fun and memorable as possible.