No Twerking after midnight... in Japan

Due to an archaic law in Japan it is illegal to dance after midnight.I assume the law was originally instituted to decrease the potential for less benign criminal activities such as prostitution and drug trafficking. Though police usually turn a blind eye to nightclubs that break this law, in recent years, especially in southwestern cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka the nightlife has taken a huge hit due to police raiding and arresting club owners that allow their patrons to dance after midnight. Read more about this unfortunate situation here and here.

To draw attention to this silly, straight outta Footloose ban on dancing after hours my friend Ian made a compilation called "Dancing after 1am" (Depending on the city, dancing is prohibited after midnight or 1am). Although he admits he wasn't really interested in making any serious political statement with the title of the compilation.

From an NMFT6 standpoint, one of my favorite songs by the band jizue is the song "Dance"

Even though it's an instrumental song with no lyrics the impetus for the song's creation was to create a very danceable track that would inspire fans to get there boogie on despite the after hours ban on dancing.

So tonight, when jizue plays "Dance" feel free to show jizue your best moves. Hell, I encourage you to even bumrush the stage and get your dance on as long as you don't interfere with the band's performance. :)

Oh and please try to memorize some of the lyrics to Kinoko Teikoku's "Paranoid Parade" Memorizing the refrains/chorus would be grand. And if that's not manageable at least sing along to the "Parappa Parappa" part!!!