Canadian Music Week: Zoobombs & Bo Ningen

If you live in Toronto, are counting the days until NMFT7 and want to appease your Japanese music fix: Zoobombs are playing both tonight and tomorrow night at the Silver Dollar as part of Canadian Music Week.

Zoobombs play a really soulful blend of psychedelic funk and rock. They're super tight and known for their improvisational prowess. Frontman Don Matsuo is one of the most charismatic performers you will ever come across and his exuberance on stage is infectious. Definitely check out Zoobombs if you have time tonight or tomorrow! And by the way, if you like Zoobombs, you will f*cking LOOOOOOVE mothercoat who are part of Next Music from Tokyo vol 7.

And also part of Canadian Music Week, Bo Ningen will be performing at Hard Luck Bar on May 8 and Bovine Sex Club May 9.

Bo Ningen are famous for playing LOUD!! Sorry. I meant LOUD!!!!!! And they have a flare for going nuts on stage:

Definitely, definitely check out Bo Ningen!! I would totally f*cking go but sadly I'll be in Japan from May 6-15. (yeah. boo f*cking hoo for you, Steve!) And if you like Bo Ningen then trust me OWARIKARA are just as ACE. Bo Ningen have an edgier sound but OWARIKARA are absolutely ferocious (dare I say crazier!) live and should not be missed when NMFT 7 rolls around in June.

Other Japanese acts rolling through Toronto soon:

BABYMETAL May 12 @ Lee's Palace

BABYMETAL are a prime example of the wacky, unsubstantial fluff that gets too much attention and notoriety from music lovers outside Japan. Sure there is a modicum of novelty to what they do and the three girls seem personable and down to earth but the whole thing reeks of exploitation and superficiality. BABYMETAL, and the type of generic JPOP and JRock one is exposed to watching anime are the antithesis of what Next Music from Tokyo is about. The whole reason I do this tour is to show Canadians there is a ton of Japanese music that is creative, innovative and brilliant that is nothing like the Velveeta cheesiness that is usually flung in our face. Having said that from atop my soapbox, some of my friends love BABYMETAL and I'm sure they put on somewhat of an entertaining show. BABYMETAL is indeed a global phenomenon. I support the idea of more and more Japanese acts coming to Canada and we all have different tastes so don't let my harsh criticisms dissuade you especially if you fancy pseudo-metal and pedophilia.

MELT-BANANA May 17 @ Lee's Palace ( July 4 @ The Venue (Vancouver) as well as dates in Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatoon!)

Now this is more like it! I don't think I need to say much about this band since they already have a large following in Toronto. Only that if you like MxBx, you will certainly love otori who are part of NMFT7.

Oh crap I just realized Acid Mother Temple were also playing tonight.

Finally, Toe July 13 @ the Mod Club (July 6 @ Electric Owl (Vancouver) )

Kashikura's drumming will make you wet.

Lots of great shows coming! And make sure you come out to Next Music from Tokyo vol 7!!!!

June 12: Toronto @ Soybomb June 13: Toronto @ Lee's Palace June 15: Montreal @ Divan Orange June 17: Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret July 20: Tokyo @ Shindaita FEVER