Dancers Wanted!! #2LeftFeet #NoProblem


Those of you who remember vol 4 know that group_inou brought the house down and garnered one of the best crowd responses ever in the history of NMFT. I plan to bring group_inou back to Canada soon (volume 10, baby!!!) but in a couple weeks it'll be Dalljub Step Club's turn to throw down and get the crowd hyped like never before.

Dalljub Step Club integrate a plethora of musical styles from electro, house, hip hop, rock, jazz to funk. However, one of the main influences on their music is a slightly obscure sub-genre of Chicago house music and dance known as footwork or juke.

Tokyo doesn't have a huge footwork/juke scene but it does exist:

To get a better idea of what the Japanese music associated with footwork/juke sounds like peep this cool video:

The members of Dalljub aren't hot sh*t when it comes to dancing footwork themselves but they enjoy doing it as shown in their PV for Red Bull:

And they encourage people in the audience to try their hand at footwork during shows:

Which brings me to the raison d'être for this post (#aboutF*ckingTime!!): It would be cool if anyone who likes to dance and plans on coming to NMFT8 could learn how to bust some footwork/juke at the shows.

To help you learn some moves, the following is a fairly easy "how to" video for beginners:

Yeaaaah RIGHT!!!!? I couldn't learn that 'ish even if I had my lower limbs surgically replaced with the legs of a bionic jackrabbit and practiced for ten years. My legs just don't move that fast!!

But seriously, Dalljub Step Club just want to see people dancing to their music and they really, REALLY don't care whether you're a pro or bust moves like Elaine, here:

So shotgun a couple cold ones to let loose and then show Dalljub how Canadians boogie down on the dancefloor. It's just like karaoke. Noone cares how well you actually sing. It's about interacting and having fun. Having said that, I'll be hiding out pretending I'm busy curating the show cuz I can't dance worth sh*t!! LOL