On my last trip to Japan I bought a bunch of t-shirts at the various shows I went to.Why? So I can give them away as prizes during the tour. I don't have THAT many, but considering I bought them all at regular price I did buy quite a few.

So how do you win a T-shirt? I haven't decided yet. But you'll only be able to get them at the show. I'll give them away for example: to the 1st person who crowd surfs, person who cheers the loudest, 1st person who buys me a beer, 2nd person to buy me a beer. hahaha Honestly, I haven't decided the rules but there will be t-shirts given away at each show. So what shirts do I have?

I have a bunch of SuiseNoboAz t-shirts. (note: click on the shirt pictures for tabs of larger photos)

Boaz shirts

and susquatch !!! (handpicked by drummer Maki herself !)

susquatch shirts

mothercoat shirts (the older design looks especially sweet!)


andymori AND a classic "Are you Sadistic?" Rin Toshite Shigure t-shirt

rin toshite andymori

and one toe "for long tomorrow" concert shirt (size M) and a Go!Go!7188 shirt (size L)

toe gogo

both are still in their plastic wrapping. The toe shirt is the same as in this pic: toe

And most likely the bands on tour should be will to spare a few CDs and shirts for giveaway prizes as well.