We're with the band...


I apologize for being so late in getting these photos up but NMFT11 is happening soon in October 2017 and finalizing the line-up took priority.We started taking photos of the audience and bands with NMFT4. It was an idea I stole from Chatmonchy. Obviously Chatmonchy wasn't the first band to ever take a group photo with their audience but they did it at the end of every show and would always post the photos up in their web blog. Back then very few bands took such photos but now everyone's doing it so the novelty's worn off and I admit that we haven't been putting as much effort into doing these group shots anymore. The group photos don't look as iconic and badass as previous years which is a shame since NMFT10 was arguably the best tour ever. So the bad news is the quality of the photos is not up to par with previous years because in the past we used nice DSLR cameras and this time most of the shots are from Bryan's cellphone. The good news is I plan to bring The Taupe, Yubisaki Nohaku, Bakyun the everyday and YSTZ back to Canada for NMFT12 in May 2018. They'll be joined by the awesome Elephant Gym from Taiwan and will take even better photos then. :)

2017.05.19 The Rivoli

Yup. That's it. We only remembered to take a group photo with The Taupe. LOL.

2017.05.20 Lee's Palace

2017.05.22 Divan Orange

2017.05.24 Biltmore Cabaret

Thanks to Bryan for shooting the photos! Pretty damn good for a cellphone. Vincent took the photos at Lee's Palace. He used a mirrorless camera and the higher quality is noticeable. Stay tuned for video footage from Vincent because shooting video is his main forte and I'll put a bunch of his videos in the tour recap post. Once again, thanks Bryan and Vincent!