This is the Blog Post of a band called Adebisi Shank.

I had no idea Adebisi Shank were in Toronto for Canadian Music Week until I serendipitously found out by searching potential venues for the May 29 show.Along with Maps & Atlases, Adebisi Shank are one of my clear-cut favorite bands. Last night at Rancho Relaxo (of all places) was their first-ever performance in Canada. It was a showcase for about 5 different bands and only a handful of people who came to the show had ever heard of Adebisi Shank before. But by the end of the night they were everyone's new favorite band.

Notice the guy in the white shirt jumping up and down and dancing right in front of me. (if you insist I say it, the "black dude")

He's in front of me again.

But for the last song he's on the motherfucking stage !!! Vinny saw how much heart he put into dancing during the show that he invited the fan on stage to play bass. And man did that guy grab the opportunity to put on a show. It was an unequivocally AWESOME night highlighted by an absolute kickass band from Ireland and some black guy from Missisauga (I bought them all beers, including the fan on stage).

Adebisi Shank are playing again tonight in Toronto at the Hide Out. If you live in Toronto, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!