Habs and Canucks vs Next Music

Although I don't follow hockey much anymore, I was born and raised in Vancouver so naturally I'm a Canucks fan.But to tell you the (ugly) truth, I also grew up as a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens.

Of course I wish both the Canucks and les Habitants success in the quest for Lord Stanley's mug.... but secretly I wouldn't mind if they both got knocked out in the 2nd round. After all if there's no Canuck/Habs hockey in the arena or on TV, more people might come to the shows on the 22nd and 25th. =) Actually, do indie/punk/HC heads even watch hockey? Other than Canadian legends D.O.A and Boston moshcore outfit SLAPSHOT ?

Whatever the case, there's always TiVo / PVR ! And very few things beat watching some great bands perform live. Mariko Goto said it best at the end of the following clip: