Next Music Volume 2??

Watching concerts in Japan is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable activities imaginable. Mainly because of the incredible energy and creativity within the indie/underground scene. That's why I've wanted to organize a tour like this for quite a while so that people in Canada can experience a typical show in Tokyo, Japan with a great line-up of bands.Unfortunately, I am going to lose thousands and thousands of dollars b/c I'm paying to fund every aspect of this tour (including airfare) out of my own pocket with no sponsors and minimal financing (almost none) from the bands. But what's had more of a stressful impact is the vast amount of time I've had to sacrifice in planning and organizing this tour. For the last 6 mos I've had no life outside of work and organizing this damn tour. =P There were myriad occasions when I thought to myself, "Why the hell are you putting yourself through this insanity?!" But then I remember how exhilarating the music scene is in Japan and how much fun I've had experiencing it firsthand. It's an absolute shame that Japanese indie music has so little exposure in Canada and I'd like to be the one to help give it the recognition it deserves. =) Hopefully, the bands and especially all of you who come see the show will have a fantastic time over the week-long tour. And most likely, I will organize a 2nd tour tentatively scheduled for October 2010.

Choosing the Next Line-Up of Bands!!

One band that I'm absolutely geeked to have participate is:


I had already talked with Chiemi (Gt) and Isao (Dr) in February and they loved the idea of the tour. Last week I made the formal invitation and their manager replied back saying they're extremely interested!!

For Vol 2 I am limiting myself to 4 bands instead of 5. I'm torn between inviting: lesser known but amazing bands who I know I'll get along with and have fun travelling with on tour (eg mow mow lulu gyaban, Sebastian X, the Mornings, susquatch)
bands that are irrefutably kick-ass that people all-across North America might travel to see (eg toe, Clammbon, Rin Toshite Shigure, Special Others, nisennenmondai, afrirampo). Though it would be more of a promoter/band business relationship and potentially less fun.

I'd like to know which Japanese bands you readers would like to see and out of the ones I'm about to list, which you think are the most interesting:

1st group = Bands I'm friends with who will kick my ass if I don't bring them in October


Myspace strengths: Awesome "math-rock" guitars juxtaposed with infectious pop-melodies. Nerdy-looking but absolutely adorable female drummer who is so amazing on drums you will sh*t your pants and not even notice. Pierre of Rin Toshite Shigure has a crush on her so inviting susquatch might bring RTS as well. hahaha.


Myspace Strengths: Incredibly charismatic female singer who is cute as a button. The music has a bizarre cabaret/show-tunes/nursery rhyme quality with pop-punk undertones that crescendos fiercely with emotion. Their live show is INTENSE and none of the youtube clips have adequately captured this side of their stage performance.

the mornings

Myspace Strengths: Currently one of the most beloved bands in Tokyo's underground scene. Able to elicit mosh pit dancing and crowd surfing at the bat of an eyelash. Abrasive no-wave punk that your parents, grandparents, best friends and girlfriend will hate but if you keep an open mind and lose yourself in their unbridled raw power you'll have the time of your life dancing like a fool to their cacophony.

2nd group: Phenomenal bands who have never travelled to N America but already have a cult following:

凛として時雨 (Rin Toshite Shigure)

Myspace strengths: Ridiculously talented musicians that play with an absurd degree of power and speed. The instrumentation is chock-full of texture, creativity and sublime fury. The high pitched (oft out of tune) male-female vocals will take time getting used to but they add a touch of character that personalizes their signature sound. Pathologically shy/aloof on stage (except Pierre who's a one man riot), the band expresses a world of emotion through their musical performance.


Myspace strengths: Do I even need to elaborate? Instrumental bliss and mindblowing drum porn.

ミドリ (Midori) Thanks to Sony there are no decent videos of Midori on Youtube but you can catch the classic PV for ひみつの2人 here.

homepage great interview strengths: Screw Barnum & Bailey. With no hyperbole, ミドリ = the greatest show on Earth. =)

to be continued

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