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Elephant Gym is a bass-driven, math rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The band formed in 2012 and is composed of Tif on bass, Tell on guitar, and Chia-Chin on drums. Elephant Gym delivers clear and memorable bass lines, emotional guitar riffs, and melodic drumming in their mostly instrumental song production. Since 2013, Elephant Gym has started to invite singers to compose with them.

Tell and Tif are siblings. In their childhood, their mother taught them classical music into their adolescence. Later, they developed an interest in rock music, especially post rock and math rock. Tell met Tu in a high school music club and formed Elephant Gym along with Tif after discovering they all shared the same taste in music.

2013 first EP <平衡> (BALANCE)

2014 first album <角度> (ANGLE)

2015 second EP <工作> (WORK)

發行首張EP<平衡> 即吸引美國、日本、西班牙、馬來西亞等各國後搖滾樂迷關注。來自台灣-高雄,以BASS/鼓/吉他為主要編制的數字搖滾樂團。一般歌曲中常被忽略的低音BASS在大象體操卻是主要帶領樂器。曲中節奏變化豐富,旋律輕巧流暢。團名以大象象徵BASS,體操則表示曲中的特殊節奏。

BASS- 張凱婷 / 吉他- 張凱翔 / 鼓- 涂嘉欽


Elephant Gym

Tif (Bass, Vocals)

Tif (Bass, Vocals)

Tell (Guitar, Vocals)

Tell (Guitar, Vocals)

Chia-Chin (Drums)

Chia-Chin (Drums)


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For the first time a non-Japanese band is part of the NMFT roster.

Elephant Gym is a 3-pc math rock band from Taiwan consisting of brother and sister Tell and Tif respectively on guitar and bass and Chia-Chin on drums.  The music is largely instrumental but both siblings do sing on a few tracks.  Most songs are mellow with clean, jazzy instrumentation but they occasionally crescendo with ‘mammoth’ intensity.  Comparisons to Japanese band toe are inevitable although Elephant Gym’s music is less melancholic and whereas Kashikura’s drumming is the centrepiece of toe’s music, Tif’s phenomenal bass-playing stands out as the focus for Elephant Gym.

Elephant Gym may seem an unusual name for a band but it describes their music perfectly.  Elephant is a metaphor for their low-end bass-centric sound while gym is short for the intricate musical gymnastics characteristic of math rock.   

Fans of Japanese math rock bands such as toe and JYOCHO that excel at emotional music with clean instrumentation should fall in love with Elephant Gym in a heartbeat.