group_inou is a duo of iconoclasts who took the best elements of chiptune, hip hop, EDM, punk and noise and created an innovative and unique musical style of their own. Imai created the killer beats and cp rapped over them with an eccentric, free-from, pun-filled style and together—they took dance music and infused it with much needed creativity, attitude and intense emotion. The originality and brilliance of group_inou's music  is peerless. They're like no other musical act and when they came to Canada in 2012 as part of Next Music from Tokyo vol 4, they put on some of the most memorable performances in the history of NMFT.

Unfortunately, on Nov 27, 2016 cp and Imai performed their last show together as group_inou going on an indefinite hiatus to concentrate on their solo projects. cp continues with his post-punk band uri gagarn which predates group_inou. In fact, Imai was originally recruited to drum for uri gagarn in 2007 but they ended up forming group_inou instead. Imai now performs solo with entirely new songs but they clearly retain group_inou's signature sound minus cp's unique vocal delivery.


Seeing Imai perform live is currently the closest thing to the awesomeness that was group_inou.  But without the quirkiness and soulful rage of cp's vocal performance it's not the same beast.  That's why... fingers crossed... I'll try my best to have the girls of Koutei Camera Girl Drei harness their own intense energy and badass mic skills to cover 1 or 2 of group_inou's classics with Imai at the helm. (note: the Imai x KCG3 collab is not guaranteed. I still have to ask them about it and Imai may not be allowed to perform group_inou songs for contractual reasons)