L to R:  Yuki (flute)     sindee  (bass)   Daijiro  (guitar)    Nekota  (key/vo)   Hatch  (drums)

 L to R:  Yuki (flute)    sindee (bass)  Daijiro (guitar)   Nekota (key/vo)  Hatch (drums)

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In 2013, guitar virtuoso Daijiro Nakagawa formed his first band, Uchu Conbini, and surprised the world with his sublimely crafted math-pop.  Uchu Conbini's music was incredibly soulful with a clean sound and jaw-dropping instrumentation. Uchu Conbini would gather a cult following not just in Japan but around the world on the strength of three Youtube videos that beautifully portrayed their grace, passion and skill.


In 2014, Uchu Combini dazzled and won the hearts of Canadian audiences as part of Next Music from Tokyo vol 6.


Destined for greatness, Uchu Conbini surprised fans worldwide by abruptly disbanding in early 2015. Uchu Conbini was the type of band that came along once in a lifetime and their break-up was profoundly saddening for many.

In 2016, Daijiro Nakagawa started a new solo project called JYOCHO.  JYOCHO is the spiritual successor to Uchu Conbini's sublimely crafted math-pop. The songwriting and tone have matured, and the addition of flute brings with it an almost folk flair.  Daijiro recruited an elite group of musicians to bring his intricately beautiful compositions to life and JYOCHO’s mini album 「祈りでは届かない距離」(A distance not reached by prayer) became one of the finest releases of 2016.

In a potentially unprecedented move, Daijiro aimed to debut his new band in Canada with NMFT before performing any shows in Japan.  Unfortunately, singer Rionos refused to perform live and despite having released a critically acclaimed album JYOCHO would not perform any shows in Canada or Japan.

In early 2017, Daijiro recruited a new singer: Keiko Kobayashi aka Nekota Netako of the band heliotrope.  With Nekota on vocals and piano, JYOCHO recorded their 2nd mini-album『碧い家で僕ら暮らす』(Spending Our Lives in the Blue House). And although Nekota's workplace will only allow her three days off work, JYOCHO will make their world premiere in Canada as part of NMFT11 !!   ****Nekota will only perform with JYOCHO in Toronto (Oct6&7) and Montreal (Oct8). In Vancouver, Anisonin of Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu will take over and sing for JYOCHO. ****

JYOCHO is the phenomenal solo project of Daijiro Nakagawa and his beautifully intricate and soulful take on math-rock will unequivocally appeal to fans of This Town Needs Guns (TTNG), toe, and American Football.