Kougou no Goraiko-z

Kougou no Goraiko-z.jpg

——————— Nakane Panther (guitar) ———- Great Hashimoto (vocals, drums) ——— Guts (bass) ————————



神々のゴライコーズ (Kougou no Goraiko-z) describe themselves as Fishmans meets Number Girl. They combine funky yet tranquil dub/reggae rhythms with beautifully lush guitar tones that explode into the most gloriously chaotic punk/noise when you least expect it.

Kougou no Goraiko-z’ ability to shift gears effortlessly from serene to fierce is awe inspiring and the bizarre combination of dub music, shoegaze, and punk is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Unfortunately none of the videos on this page or the entirety of Youtube show the true extent of Goraiko-z awesomeness as a live band. You’ll just have to trust me they are easily one of the best bands to ever participate in NMFT.