Koutei Camera Girl Drei

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For background info on Koutei Camera Girl, please visit here and here.

Koutei Camera Girl Drei is an all-female idol rap unit produced by tapestok records (all lyrics by jas; instrumentals by beatsmith collective ALYT). Their sound involves rapped lyrics over EDM instrumentals but it's the soulfulness, creativity and supreme attention to detail in production coupled with the heartfelt, raw-as-punk ebullience of the girls' on-stage performance that makes KCG3 one of the most captivating acts, idol or not, in Tokyo's underground music scene.

In October 2017 as part of NMFT 11, Koutei Camera Girl Drei (Kouteca3) debuted in Canada before doing any live shows in Japan. Please recognize how crazy that is!! Prior to coming to Canada none of them had passports and were travelling outside Japan for the first time. They auditioned and went through hardcore training for less than 3 months, had never performed in front of a live audience and their first show was in Canada, a foreign country that doesn't understand their language! Think of the culture shock, how nervous they must have been with the only bright side being if they did screw up the lyrics the audience probably wouldn't notice LOL. Miraculously, the girls absolutely killed it and Kouteca3 will be making their third NMFT appearance in less than three years!

Sadly, ramy t talata (blonde hair), arguably the heart and soul of both Koutei Camera Girl Drei and Koutei Camera Gal will be leaving the music industry to begin a new path in life. Her last show with Kouteca3 will be March 16, 2019. Tala-chan will be greatly missed but a fantastic new member (?familiar face) will join Catch My Heart and pacio to ‘npa to spit rhymes over the always amazing production.

Kouteca3 is still an idol group but producer jas has divorced their music of almost all ‘idol-ness.’ Their persona and sound is sophisticated and earnest allowing the music to be appreciated at face value instead of relying on cuteness and looks. But make no mistake—the members of Kouteka3 truly bring the music to life by adding character, emotion and depth to the audio. Idol music has a reputation for focussing on pageantry instead of the actual music. With Kouteca3, the music is paramount and patently extraordinary and further enriched by the girls' personality and skill.