Nuito is a 3-pc instrumental rock band from Kyoto who released their first and only album (Unutella) in 2009 before disbanding shortly after.  Unutella is an obscure release but has cult legendary status as possibly the greatest math rock album ever recorded. (highest rated album on  It is a veritable masterpiece that pushed math rock to the extremes and seemingly to the pinnacle of songwriting complexity and instrumental skill.

Nuito's music is not for everyone.  On first listen most people will dismiss Nuito's music as overwhelmingly complicated and disjointed to the point of incoherence.  But those with patience and an open mind will recognize the myriad moments of brilliance Nuito strings together in their compositions.  The flow of the music does not follow traditional pop/rock music at all.  It is neither linear (building to a crescendo) nor circular (verse-chorus-verse etc) but changes direction on a whim albeit with purpose. When you free your mind from the insistence that good music must have recurring melodies and refrains you can start to appreciate Nuito's music on its own merit—an intricate cloud-like lattice of clean vs effect-laden guitar wizardry, lush bass harmonics & tapping, and frenetic, thunderous drums in constantly shifting time-signatures.  Nuito's music is inhumanly complex and unorthodox but not without supreme elegance.

Nuito is often referred to as the Japanese Tera Melos and the influence Tera Melos' earliest works had on Nuito's music is undeniable.  However, the Japanese are infamous for stealing foreign ideas, manipulating them and improving on them. Nuito took the chaos and unpredictability of Tera Melos' music and stretched it to absurd extremes and inflected their own distinct style and tone to make themselves a similar but divergent beast. While Tera Melos' music has punk at its roots and is both irreverent and fun, Nuito has a more prog/jazz, earnest... dare I say elitist feel to it.

toe and LITE are two Japanese bands that are considered among the best math rock bands in the world. After a seven year hiatus and giving the rest of the world a chance to catch up, Nuito resumed activity in 2016 and will show Japan and the rest of the world that their music shall no longer be slept on and should be recognized amongst the greats such as toe, Tera Melos, CHON and LITE