o'summer vacation


o’summer vacation is a mathy hardcore/noise 3-pc band originally based out of Kyoto.  Bassist Mikkki writes all of the music and is currently the only remaining original member.  o’summer’s music is an awesome combination of loop-pedal augmented intricate bass riffs, frenetic powerful drumming and dynamic soft to screamed vocals.

Although Mikkki is fundamentally the most important member of o’summer vacation, original vocalist Yokota added a lot of character and flair to the unit that will be sorely missed. Her bubblegum-anime-character-on-helium like vocals that would instantly rage to screaming-psychotic-demon-after-stubbing-its-toe madness was magical.

Unfortunately, Mikkki and Yokota held artistic differences on the future of o’summer vacation and Yokota
was recently replaced by the much younger (20yo) Ami. Ami has only done a handful of shows singing for o’summer vacation. She definitely has a wild side but has a cooler demeanor akin to Otori’s Kobara Sae albeit currently with less swagger due to lack of experience.  Touring in Canada, hopefully Ami’s confidence will grow and she’ll unleash the beast within her.

note: All of the videos below feature ex-vocalist Yokota and former drummers.
New vocalist (Ami) and drummer (Hama) are not in any of the videos below.