TAMTAM 2018.jpg

Tomomin (keyboard) ………….. Afee (drums) ………… Kuro (vocals, trumpet, synth) .………. Yusuke (guitar)




TAM TAM started in 2008 when five students at Waseda University got together to form a pop/rock band heavily focussed on reggae and dub music. In 2012 they released their first album ‘Meterorite’ which led to a performance at Fuji Rock Festival the same year. However, by 2013 they would change their musical style quite drastically in more of a post-rock/shoegaze direction while still retaining some of their reggae/dub roots. In 2014, TAM TAM made their major label debut signing with Speedstar Records (Victor Entertainment) and continued in their ‘more post-rock less reggae’ direction.

In 2016, with the popularity of city pop at its peak, TAM TAM would change gears again and switch from post-rock to something closer to a combination of folk, jazz and neo-soul. They would even modify their name slightly to TAMTAM (one word). Their 3rd (NEWPOESY) and 4th (Modernluv) albums were released on blues/city-pop label P-Vine Records.

In hindsight, TAMTAM have been a great band since their primarily dub/reggae days and should have made an appearance with NMFT a lot sooner. At least it’s better late than never and the current incarnation of TAMTAM is making just about the smoothest, sexiest, most soulful music around.