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Yubisaki Nohaku is one of the best female rock bands on the planet. Initially called Raditz, the band was formed in 2008 and with the original line-up intact they changed their name to Yubisaki Nohaku in 2011. Influenced by the music of Shiina Ringo and ZAZEN BOYS, Yubisaki Nohaku chose to write songs having pop sensibility and great melodies but filled with weirdness, aggression and noise.

Yubisaki Nohaku’s signature sound is defined by Junko’s heavy use of phaser to achieve a wide variety of eerie guitar tones played in a staccatoed fashion over Yuko’s thick and distorted slap bass and Yumiko’s intricate drum lines. Kana then croons soulfully and intensely while playing rhythm guitar or prog-rock-like melodies on keyboard. However, on their latest mini-album 『Full Range』 Yubisaki Nohaku tone down the weirdness and aim for a more straightforward, heavier post-rock sound.

Having honed their chops and stage presence over eight years of playing together, Yubisaki Nohaku have become one of the best female rock bands to watch live. And with the quirky melodic noise of the older songs combined with the darker, ‘mathier’ new material, Yubisaki Nohaku will hit your ‘feels’ button in a myriad different ways.