Tokyo Day 10: 4 shows (almost 6) in one day.

Started the day off at Shibuya O-nest to watch uhnellys and tacobonds @ the Fujii Yoshie (Garorins) tribute.Almost went to Tamachi with Ian to watch MIR but had to go to Sangenjaya Heaven's Door to watch and talk with Bugy Craxone. Ian is pissed and laid a massive guilt trip on me. Went to Shinjuku Motion after Bugy Craxone to maybe catch Merpeoples but they had already finished. Then went to Shinjuku NINEspices and caught the latter half of グーミ's set. HOLY SH*T their performance was off the hook. Crowd surfing and the kitchen sink. For グーミ?!! They're starting to get a lot of attention and their fans are extroverting themselves with more fanfare at shows. Went to Higashi Koenji UFO club after goomi, missed otori but caught uzura.

4 shows (almost 6) in a 7 hour period. Then I actually went back to 9spices and we all went to Doma Doma for an uchiage. They stayed drinking till twilight while I left early at 4am. Will update later with a proper post.

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