Deerhoof vs Camel Toe

I have been insanely busy with work and personal matters so I apologize for the lack of updates and replies to comments/emails. Some good news: SSRIs will be joining us on Oct 18 @ the Biltmore. They're a sublimely insane, kickass band who'll fit right in with the NMFT line-up.

Some bad news: I wanted to do 2 shows in Vancouver but because of the labor strike that affects Air Canada I can't make any changes to flight bookings. So it's looking like all 4 bands (not just Natsumen) will leave on Oct 19 even though Hyacca, and chiina want to stay until the 21st.

Some bad news for minors (age < 19) in Toronto: For NMFT vol 1 & 2 I held all-ages shows but I don't think I can do it again this year. The fact of the matter is that adults are less likely to go to a show that's all-ages. The turnout has been worst for the all-ages shows and only about 10 people out of the ~75 that show up are underaged. I've been asked to partner with Indie Week to do a show at Bovine Sex Club on Oct 19. Indie week holds their band tpournament finale at Tattoo Club and that show ends at 11pm. As soon as that's done there will be ~400 people who could flock over to the Bovine which holds < 200 people. Basically, I'm almost guaranteed a sold out show at the Bovine which has much better sound and a lot more history than Velvet Underground. Also, it's free to rent the Bovine, Velvet costs $450. For me money is not the issue. I just want more people to come to the shows for the bands' sake and most importantly to have more people become fans of indie/underground Japanese music. Realistically, the type of crowd that will be at the Bovine after midnight on a Sunday (technically Monday) will be people who just want to get drunk and listen to loud music regardless of what band is playing. So even if the show is sold out it wouldn't make me all that happy if the people that attend aren't genuinely interested in the bands that play. I would actually much rather do an all-ages show for kids who are much more likely to develop a genuine interest in the bands versus doing a show for a drunken party crowd. Having said that, other than a handful of really cool kids (Minal and Nori!!!) I haven't received much input or support at all from the 18 & under crowd and I can't see another all-ages show at the Velvet having a better turnout this October. So due to a lack of support from the kids, I am (reluctantly) leaning heavily towards doing a 19+ show at Bovine instead of an all-ages show at Velvet Underground. Minal and Nori, email me and I'll do my best to work out an arrangement where you can still see the show.

Later tonight I'll be heading to the Phoenix to watch Gauntlet Hair, the Dodos and.... Deerhoof !! Hell f*cking yeah!! The Dodos used to be a favorite of mine back when they released Visiter and were still a duo and even though I haven't listened to much of Deerhoof's music I know full well how awe-inspiring they are live.

_____________________________________________________ OOOOOH SHIEEEEEEEEEEEET!! The Dodos were great but Deerhoof were off the orgasmeter! Definitely best show I've seen in Toronto all year. It took FOREVER to drive around gridlocked downtown and I missed Gauntlet Hair's set. Going to go see their 2nd show right now at El Mocambo. Apparently there's some shit hot secret guest band at 2am after them. (it ended up being PS I Love You) By the way, the secret "special guest" band at Horseshoe Tavern tomorrow 2am is... Deerhoof!! Will I be going? Do deerhooves step in bear doo doo in the woods? shiet yeah!!