Bands held up

I'm already in Montreal but it doesn't look like the bands will make their original connecting flight. And poor Akai Ko-en who are only 18-19 years old might get left behind by the other bands b/c Akai Ko-en still need to get their work permits at customs/security (while the other bands already got them in Japan). I have no idea when akai Ko-en will actually make it to Montreal.Also, none of the bands speak English at all.

Anyways, for now I am going on a beer run. Because after all the bands have been through I'm sure they're going to want a few drinks to slam down when they finally get to the hotel. :)

Update: The bands missed the original connecting flight but got on the next one. They arrived at 8:30pm but not all the instruments arrived with them. We waited until 1030pm, 2 more flights from Toronto and still no instruments so we ended up going to the hotel. Air Canada ended up delivering the remaining instruments to our hotel at ~4am. We went out eating and drinking at La Banquise, a 24 hr poutine place. The bands loved the poutine +/- crazy extra toppings. And we stayed up drinking for a bit longer at the hotel. The Japanese bands seem to be immune to jetlag.... or it'll hit em hard in a few hours. hahaha.