Fuji Rock 行くぞ!

Holy sh*t I got drunk last night. The photo above was actually taken by some guy named Yato Koishi and the pic has seemed to have gone semi-viral. And it should, the photos is f*cking LEGEND. My brother, his friend Shane and I hit up five different bars/izakayas last night. We had a blast but alas not as much fun as the guy in the pic above.

Sad news: I miss two shows by Akai Koen. They play tonight (sometime after midnight) at Shimokita THREE and again tomorrow night at Shimokita GARDEN.

Great news: I'm heading by shinkansen to Naeba resort to watch the final day of Fuji Rock Festival. In less than an hour I'm meeting up with Ryotaro, Lana, and Ikuko at Tokyo Station. Charlotte is already at FRF. We'll meet her at the campgrounds tonight but she's only there for days one & two and leaves tomorrow. Charan Po Rantan are playing THREE TIMES at the festival tomorrow. Twice with Gojira/Hikashu and once alone at the same time as Radiohead. Tomorow I plan to watch toe, Lostage, tricot, Charan-Po-Gojira-Hikashu, some Radiohead, some ATDI and group_inou.

Rob Perry will be glad to know that I'm also heading to Rock in Japan on Aug 4th to watch Chatmonchy, mudy on the Sakuban, Zazen Boys, Kimura Kaela, Akai Koen, Perfume, and Momo Lulu Gyaban. Unfortunately I can't go to the Namba Boys / Moroha /Hinto show on July 30 because I'm supposed to hang out with Momo-chan (チャラン・ポ・ランタン)that night.

By the way, has everyone seen the racy flyer someone drew for Charn Po Rantan