Cyber Tiger: the (abridged) lowdown on how to have more fun at idol shows

By admin • October 5th, 2016


I am SWAMPED with shit I need to get done for the tour but I want to take a minute to explain a couple things about idol groups.

1. Checky (2-shot): A 2 shot or checky is a paid Polaroid photograph of you with an idol member. In Japan it usually costs 1000 yen ($12) to take a photo with an idol member. And $20 with the entire idol group. You might think it sucks that they resort to monetizing photographs but consider it payback for all the people who download pirated music illegally. Idols and bands don’t make much money through album sales so this is one idea the idol industry has come up with to make money in other ways.
Since the concept of charging fans for photographs is foreign to most people in Canada I’ve recommended Maison book girl’s staff to lower the price to something more reasonable like $5 (note the film for the Polaroid alone probably costs ~$2 so it’s not that exorbitant).
edit: they are charging $10 (which is still cheaper than regular prices in Japan)
Also, they can autograph/personalize it for you and you can request certain poses etc.

2. There is a standard chant that audience members yell at all idol shows.
It sounds bizarre but it goes like this:

Yossha Ikuzo! (Alright here we go!)
Taiga! (Tiger!)
Faiya! (Fire!)
Saiba! (Cyber!)
Faiba! (Fiber!)
Daiba! (Diver!)
Baiba! (Viber!)
Jya Jya!!

Here are a couple videos demonstrating (in both videos it occurs at around the 20 sec mark)

Alright I’ll add more later but that’s it for the crash course for now. Remember I’m a complete noob when it comes to idol music so people more knowledgeable can chime in in the comments section and contribute on how to make the show more fun.

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I remember you encouraged people to try out footwork last time with Dalljub Step Club, will anyone be brave enough to try “WOTAGEI?”

Better have an ambulance parked outside, haha.

By STEPHANE LEMIEUX on October 6th, 2016 at 11:11 am

One easy way to participate i think is to watch girls for cue, usualy they jump, wave hands, clap hands, etc.

I was in Montreal for this show, there was so much good music there.

I’ m sure in the future more people will notice the fantastic music scene that is the Japanese one right now.

While in surface it may look more superficial with all the selling gimmicks and the costumes,i do find that there is a lot of good inovative pop music in the idol scene.Maison Book Girl is a proof to that in my opinion

Idols also provide for interesting interaction in show, us westerner only need more time to get it. Why should the Japanes get all the fun?

Thanks for organizing the tour!



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