Good Times

12 hours later I am still hung over and tired. Last night's show was f*cking legend. Turnout could have been better, especially for the start of the show during uhnellys' great set, but attendance picked up and there was at least a hundred people who stopped by the Riv. (Not as good as in May when we almost sold out but it was a very early show from 7-11pm on a Saturday when most people are still eating dinner).susquatch really kicked things into gear. One audience member hearing them for the first time thought they were about as perfect a band could be. Super melodic, tons of power, mathy/tricky guitars and one of the best female drummers in the world. Sounds like the perfect ingredients for a amazing band, and indeed they are. sgt. left the biggest impression on my friends. Absolutely beautiful music but with an insane amount of power. Hitoshi Ono is probably my favorite drummer right now (along with Kashikura). I lost count of how many friends asked me to facilitate getting a picture with the uber-gorgeous Mikiko Narui. The crowd was absolutely astounded by sgt.'s brilliant, almost peerless musicianship. MOTFD. What can I say? People who have lost faith in MOTFD b/c of the poppiness in parts of their latest album have no clue. They will be remembered as one of the loudest, fiercest most powerful female bands in rock & roll history, at least by those that had the opportunity to see them live. I successfully stage dived and surfed to start off their set. Because I weigh over 100kg (220 lbs), I gave the front of the crowd advance warning that I'd be jumping into them after intro'ing MOTFD. The only thing was I leapt over most of the guys in the front and the people behind them weren't really prepared for my meteor sized ass plunging into their hands and faces. hahaha. It was a phenomenal, energetic, LOUD, sweaty night with INCREDIBLE music and everyone had the time of their lives!!!

The bands and a few lucky fans went for an uchiage at the famed Rol San. It's a Toronto landmark known as the spot everyone goes afterhours post-clubbing. The food is mediocre Chinese fare but uchiage is mainly for drinking and bonding and there was planty of that. Cheers to Gooby Goo and Peekers (from LA) who played with us during the Japanese showcase at Indie Week. Ai and Natsuko almost look like twin sisters. Thanks to Geoff, Josh, Jonathan, Alvin, Earnest, Dan, Larry & the Fires Of, and all my co-workers who came out to enjoy the show. Really, thanks to EVERYONE who has supported the tour and watched any of the shows. HUGE thanks to Indie Week as well. Only a few more hours before we have to set up for the Velvet. And I still haven't fully recovered from last night!